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US hypocrisy over chemical weapons use

According to recently declassified CIA documents and interviews with former intelligence officials like retired Air Force Colonel Rick Francona, the US had firm evidence of Iraqi chemical attacks beginning in 1983.

Additionally, the US administration at the time did nothing to assist Iran in its attempts to expose these illegal Iraqi chemical attacks. Nor did the administration inform the United Nations.

Millions of litres of defoliants such as Agent Orange were dropped on Vietnam by US forces during the Vietnam War. Over half a million people died as a result with even greater numbers still suffering the effects today.

There are numerous other examples of the use of toxic substances which could have seriously injured hundreds or thousands of people in various countries.

How then can we take seriously the concerns of the US administration (and other Western governments) about Syria's supposed use of chemical weapons, when the US has led the way in the aggressive use of chemical weapons within countries which weren't even attacking the United States?

Rocky Balboa

By e-mail

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