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US is planning nothing short of mass murder

LET us not forget that attacking another country is morally wrong. If the USA bombs Syria (which it looks like it will), many innocent people will be murdered.

The so-called "humanitarian" intervention in Libya, for example, left Sirte in ruins. Even the threat of the US attack on Syria has caused thousands to flee in fear of the coming bombardment.

The journalist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaza was in Tripoli during and after the Nato bombardment in 2011.

After the bombing, he took a taxi ride through parts of Tripoli and described the scene as "post-apocalyptic". The US wouldn't just go after military installations; they'll hit residential areas, too, as they did in Iraq and Libya and as they're still doing in Afghanistan (including wedding parties, etc).

The first Iraq war was noted for the surgical bombing, was it not? But Mark Fineman, writing for the LA Times, said in 1991 that the bombing had levelled city blocks and that there were "bomb craters the size of football fields and an untold number of casualties".

So we're talking about war crimes here. This is terrorism at its very worst. So, please, let us not dress it up by talking about US "strategies" and US "approaches".

It's nothing more or less than the cold-blooded mass murder of innocent men, women and children.

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