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US 'raids' on Syria are terrorism too

In the same week of the Westminster terrorist attack, a US-led coalition terrorist airstrike in Syria killed at least 33 people in a school near Raqqa.

The US-led coalition forces include the UK and other European countries.

BBC News reported that the school was being used as a shelter for displaced people.

The Daily Telegraph reported this was the "latest high civilian casualty raid by the coalition".

The Daily Telegraph also reported that a "coalition raid on a mosque outside the city of Aleppo last Thursday evening left as many as 46 dead, making it the deadliest for civilians alleged against the coalition".

The coalition admits that its raids in Syria and Iraq have unintentionally killed at least 220 civilians.

Nowhere in the reports from the mainstream media is mention of 'terrorist attacks' - the preferred euphemism is 'raids'.

How obedient of those working in the mainstream media to not call a spade a spade when the bombing of a school, or place of religious worship, is every bit as much a terrorist attack as the violence last Wednesday in London.

louis shawcross

Hillsborough,Co Down

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