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US the stumbling block to Middle East peace

ISRAEL'S attack on Gaza and its people has taught us a terrifying lesson. More than 2,100 people in Gaza, many of them children, have been killed by Israel and the world just stood by and allowed it to happen.

The United States administration supported Israel, and the United Nations did nothing whatever to stop the widespread carnage and destruction of Gaza. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is less than inspiring. And what can one say about Tony Blair? What has he ever done for these poor people?

The savagery of Israel's assault on the unfortunate people of Gaza is beyond description. Homes, a hospital and UN-run shelters were attacked and innocent people killed. Children playing on the beach were killed.

There will, of course, be no peace in the Middle East until Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza.

Israel continues, even now, to steal land to which it has no right and build settlements – and still the US continues to support it.

I listened to the brave Israeli journalist Gideon Levy speaking on the BBC programme Hard Talk, where he said: "Israelis cannot live in the luxury of no accountability for what's being done in their name."

There will be no peace in the Middle East while the US administration continues to give unconditional support to Israel.


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