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Use of medical trial death to sell an agenda wrong

It was in poor taste for Jennifer White to try to use the tragedy of a death in a French clinical trial to further her animal rights agenda (Write Back, January 20).

Any readers confused by her claims that "92% of drugs that pass animal trials fail in humans" have only to consider that each year there are around half-a-million people in the UK who volunteer for human drug trials that were safety-tested on animals, and there have been no deaths and only one serious incident in more than 30 years.

More than 80 people had ingested the drug which led to the tragedy in France without incident before the death, so it is hard to imagine what else could have been done to protect volunteers.

While using an animal in medical research is hardly a gleeful experience, it has given us practically all of the medicines many people and animals depend on.

It is not for Ms White to use a tragic death to further her agenda, nor deny medicines to people and pets based on misinformation from animal rights websites.


Understanding Animal Research

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