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Use power profits to improve safety

I WAS shocked to read (Write Back, February 15) about the sky-high profits being made by Northern Ireland Electricity.

A profit of £493m in one year is beyond belief. In the light of this, it is all the more disingenuous of this company to continue pleading poverty in relation to undergrounding their proposed North/South interconnector.

I am a mother of three young children and very worried about the health risks from the huge electromagnetic field these 400 kilovolt cables will generate.

Several studies have raised serious concerns about the association between low frequency electromagnetic fields and childhood leukaemia. By placing the cables underground, NIE would ensure that they were doing everything to minimise health risks.

Furthermore, rather than having horrendous pylons blighting our landscape, the beauty of our unspoiled countryside could be maintained for future generations.

In this way, NIE would have to spend a portion of their colossal profits. However, it would definitely be a price worth paying - and they'd still have a few hundred million left over for a rainy day.




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