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Useful remark is lost in faith row

Nelson McCausland makes an excellent observation about the Ulster Museum in the fact that there is so little content on the Orange Order and Ancient Order of Hibernians, but unfortunately he couldn't stop there.

He had to continue with the fact that the museum does not have a section on the Bible and so his point about the Orange Order and AOH is lost.

Mr McCausland fails to realise that almost everybody goes to the Ulster Museum to learn about science and natural history, not the Bible.

If people went to the Ulster Museum to learn about the Bible and discovered there was nothing, then they would complain.

As far as I know, nobody has complained, therefore nobody minds that there is no mention of the Bible in the museum.

Does Mr McCausland think that there should also be a section in the museum about the Koran, or the Jewish religion or Buddhism?

Mr McCausland also fails to mention that if people want to learn about the Bible, there are plenty of places for them to go: they're called churches.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim