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Using deaths to smear hunting is totally abhorrent

John Tierney's letter (Write Back, October 15) shows the depths to which hunt saboteurs will sink in their efforts to smear ordinary, decent people who follow country pursuits.

The cynical exploitation of two tragic deaths, which were the result of a criminal act, shows where the true "fractured mental state" is to be found.

The murder, suicide and wounding were committed with an illegal handgun. To attempt to make any link between this and the activities of sporting shooters by exploiting the grief of three families is abhorrent.

In Northern Ireland, we have some of the strictest licensing laws in the world and gun-owners know that they will lose their licence for the least misdemeanour.

They are just ordinary folk who harmlessly shoot clay targets, or enjoy the experience of hunting to put food on the table themselves, rather than buy it from a supermarket.

In John Tierney's vitriolic rant, we have a prime example of one who claims to love animals, but has no regard for the feelings of his fellow man.


Chair, NI committee British Association for Shooting & Conservation

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