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USPCA seems to have forgotten it's a charity too

I read with distress about the continuing financial and practical difficulties inflicted upon the Benvardin Animal Rescue home near Ballymoney by the activities of the USPCA. I fail to understand the thinking behind this attempt to squeeze the absolute maximum out of Benvardin to allow the charity to retain the existing property used to such good purpose in the welfare of animals.

Has the USPCA lost the plot somewhere along the line? I realise that its own funds are in a sorry state, but this is not the way to rectify that situation.

Has the USPCA perhaps forgotten it is also a charity dependant on private donations? Has it not considered that the detrimental result of this ill-advised action may well be to deter financial supporters such as myself who may now be inclined to divert USPCA support funding to Benvardin instead?

JC Wilson

By email

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