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UTV should tune in to viewers’ needs

Eureka! I've got it! I now know why UTV has been haemorraging perfectly good staff (Lynda Bryans being the latest) — they need the money for Brainbox (or should that be Braindead?).

Talk about dumbing down — who is in charge there anyway? Whoever it is needs to get out and listen to viewers about what they want — as opposed to what someone thinks is best for them.

Which is not seeing our favourite presenters/journalists sacked. Especially as the only reason seems to be that they are women who have committed the ‘sin' of being 40-plus.

It might interest UTV to know that quite a lot of viewers are ladies of a certain age (some of us were even born the year UTV started) and we take it personally when someone like Pamela or Lynda is given the push.

However, maybe they'll count themselves lucky to leave this station which is fast losing the respect of the public. Once that's gone UTV might as well shut up shop. Permanently.



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