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UTV's Julian Simmons back after bypass

Great to see Julian back to health. I'm sure he will endorse our health service. When the chips are down, we are so grateful for the NHS.


Delighted to hear Julian's recovered so well. We were wondering how he was. It'll be good to see him back on our TVs again. Wish him all the best health for the future. The RVH cardiac unit is amazing - they have saved so many lives.


Hey, Julian. The temptation is to run before you can walk after such a major op. Take it easy and be more willing to say no and have an early night. Good to see you back. And well done the unsung medics behind the scenes who always provide a safety net for us all.

TJ McClean

Get well soon mate.


What is the difference: promising to meet the Queen down south if he had been elected there, or meeting her here? None, I would say.


Caspercassie: the difference is, in the 26 counties, he would be meeting her on equal footing, as one head of state greeting another. In Northern Ireland, he doesn't have the same status, because Northern Ireland is not an independent country and, for now, he is her employee. But it won't be like that forever.

Island Man

The times they are a-changin' fast. Sure, he will meet the Royal family. Sinn Fein are becoming more mature and are gearing up for the future in an all-Ireland context. What is the alternative? Why don't the unionists start making more friends down south to counteract Sinn Fein.



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