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UUP and SDLP are at sixes and sevens

The outcry by supposedly moderate unionists against Mike Nesbitt's decision to give his second-preference vote to the SDLP is an indication of how entrenched Orange and Green prejudices really are.

The SDLP leader was loath to reciprocate by supporting the UUP leader. The UUP and the SDLP were supposed to be working together as the Opposition in the last Assembly, but apparently cannot support each other in an election.

The Assembly collapsed because of the complete lack of co-operation between the extremes that made up the Executive. The Alliance Party is the only party where people of all backgrounds can work together for the common good to create a truly non-sectarian society.

It is important that those who feel disillusioned by sectarian politics come out to vote for change. Every vote counts in a PR election.


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