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UUP and SDLP must vote in the Executive

So now it appears the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP are trying to re-write the rules of politics.

This is because, of course, the two Ulster Unionist members of the Executive voted against the Budget and the SDLP member of the Executive did not vote at all.

Do these three men not realise what being in an Executive/Cabinet means? It means that you must vote for every Government vote.

You can't suddenly decide to vote against it and remain part of the Executive. It is like being 'a little bit pregnant'. You are either pregnant or you are not.

Politicians are either in the Executive, or they are not. Whether they agree with the Budget, or not, they still have to vote for it.

It is like in Westminster where the Liberal Democrat members of the Cabinet had to vote for the rise in tuition fees even though they disagreed with it.

If they had voted against it, then they would have done the decent thing and resigned from the Cabinet.

Michael McGimpsey, Danny Kennedy and Alex Attwood should do the same.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim


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