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UUP chief Tom Elliott is way off the mark over unionist unity

In response to your article (News, November 30) in which Tom Elliott branded DUP calls for unionist unity as an attempt to "destroy" the UUP, the actual fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.

I would be interested to hear what Mr Elliott has to say to the overwhelming majority of unionists who are sick and tired of unionists arguing with each other and who are calling for unionist parties to work together for the greater benefit of unionism.

Mr Elliott continues in his party's assertion that the DUP are divided over unity. This is simply not true.

Both of the articles he cites as conflicting - namely those by Dr Paisley and Wallace Browne - are, in fact, in agreement: that unionists must work together in every way necessary to ensure that the unionist vote is maximised. Mr Elliott needs to show leadership within his party and bring them into discussions about unionist unity.

Mr Elliott had discussions at Hatfield House about unionist unity before he became UUP leader, so why will he not engage now that he is leader?

Over recent weeks we have heard Mr Elliott insist ad nauseam that he would accept an invitation to a GAA match.

So why will the UUP leader not accept an invitation to sit down with other unionists and discuss a matter which is of so much importance to so many grassroots unionists?



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