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UUP got it all wrong on Tory spending cuts

This week saw the start of the UUP/Conservatives cuts - cuts that could end in job losses and a possible 'double-dip' recession.

When David Cameron announced, during his interview with Jeremy Paxman, that he was going to single out Northern Ireland for cuts, the Ulster Unionist Party fell silent. For months, the DUP have warned of Conservative cuts - even though some in the Ulster Unionist Party denied this would happen.

This is an extract from UUP MLA John McCallister's website: "The DUP says that the next Conservative Government will be a government of swingeing cuts ... they are now trying to scare voters into not voting for Conservatives and Unionists in the General Election because of threatened cuts. Perhaps the DUP could explain the basis for their scare tactics and produce the evidence of the 'cuts' they insist will be implemented."

Mr McCallister asks for evidence. Well, now he - and the rest of his party - has it.

We, as a country, have a choice: we can either follow the example of the Ulster Unionists and say and do nothing as the Tories continue their attack on public services; or we can stand up and fight for the best deal we can get - making sure David Cameron never fulfils his Paxman promise to single out Northern Ireland.


Donaghadee, Co Down