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UUP has a lot to answer for

It WAS interesting to read a letter from Joan Carson attacking fellow Unionist Edwin Poots.

Readers will recall that Mrs Carson was a UUP Assembly Member between 1998 and 2003.

During that time Mrs Carson's party never once thought to even ask Sinn Fein to sign up to support policing and the rule of law: the consequence was that the Assembly collapsed repeatedly.

Mrs Carson's party during that time also presided over the destruction of the RUC. The disbandment of the gallant police force that stood between the people of Northern Ireland and terrorism was demanded by Republicans and gifted to them by Mrs Carson's party.

Her party also supported 50-50 recruitment for the police: a policy that actively discriminates against people from a Protestant community background.

The next time Mrs Joan Carson feels the urge to pick up her pen to attack other unionists, I would urge her to reflect on her party's shameful record.



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