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UUP link with Tories would be best for people of province

Time for change — this Conservative mantra is shared also by the party’s spiritual sister, the Ulster Unionist Party.

Once again, the UUP has taken upon itself to plough an unknown furrow in the interests of all within Northern Ireland.

To worry is justified, as pathfinders do not have an easy job.

However, as history now teaches us, others have been quick in following us.

To me it matters not a jot what others call it, but whether it produces results.

We seek neither an independent Northern Ireland nor a Republic of Ireland that extinguishes Northern Ireland’s union with Great Britain.

To this end, we welcome the Conservative Party to the alliance of those that seek to make the UK a better place for all.

We also welcome its knowledge and skills, and acknowledge the many strands within the ideology that allow those with faith or none to embrace and mould a trait that suits the individual.

May we all prosper for it truly is time for a change — from Labour, the Democratic Unionist Party and from Sinn Fein.

Philip McNeill

Communications Officer,

Lagan Valley UUP

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