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UUP misleading over new council boundaries

Tom Elliott's comments in relation to the Review of Public Administration in Northern Ireland are as misleading as they are confusing.

The UUP appear to be oblivious to the fact that the boundaries are set up by an independent commission.

Mr Elliott ignores the fact that whilst proposed changes to Belfast bring in four predominantly nationalist wards, there are five predominantly unionist ones coming in also.

The UUP have also conveniently ignored the fact that an 11 council model will actually place both Limavady and Armagh within unionist-controlled councils.

I agree with Peter Weir, this is "hardly the nationalist wish-list" that Tom and the UUP would have people believe!

Mr Elliott recently suggested that his party are content with the current 26 council model.

Surely it's common sense to want to reduce the size of Government and cut back on unnecessary bureaucracy?

Surely we deserve a smaller and more efficient government which delivers the best service at the lowest possible cost?

Are the UUP in favour of common sense?

Perhaps Mr Elliott and the UUP could make better use of their time by brushing up on facts and figures, as opposed to spending it trying to confuse and mislead the public on issues such as this.

Jonathan Laver

By email

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