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UUP opposition is a recipe for political suicide

The Ulster Unionist Party recently held a conference based on the theme Better Government for Northern Ireland. It now defies all logic for people, both inside and outside the party, to advocate leaving the Executive and going into some sort of mythical Opposition.

The present administration of Government gives scope for both shared power and shared Opposition, which can be exercised in line with each party's principles and policies.

The creation of an additional layer of Opposition would lead to even more bureaucracy at Stormont and could only obstruct, rather than enhance, the aim of better government.

As in any democratic framework, those parties with the biggest mandate will formulate the broad direction of government.

The only way the UUP can change this is by winning more seats in the Assembly.

They cannot change it by throwing their present mandate back in the face of the electorate and saying we are not interested in governing, only in opposing.

A negative approach of opposing for the sake of opposing will achieve nothing other than provide an even bigger carve-up for other parties and weaken the overall pro-Union position.

It is the recipe for complete political suicide.


Armagh City


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