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UUP will keep serving Ulster

I FEEL I must comment on recent correspondence from the 'Famous Five' former Ulster Unionist Party members who have had road-to-Damascus-style conversions and are now said to hold top positions within the Northern Ireland Conservatives (Write Back, December 20).

The UUP has served Northern Ireland very well over the last 106 years and will continue to do so.

We had the confidence to fight all 26 local government areas in the 2011 council elections, returning in excess of 100,000 first-preference votes.

The Northern Ireland Conservatives stood in four areas and garnered approximately 1,300 first-preference votes.

From this position of dominance they have the arrogance to call for the UUP to wind up and metamorphose into the Northern Ireland Conservatives.

I fully support Tom Elliott's stance against winding up the party, the party which will continue to occupy the centre-right ground in Northern Ireland.


Fermanagh District Council


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