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UUP's justice stance will see votes for party

"not in the lifetime of this Assembly". These were the words of DUP MLA Maurice Morrow only a few weeks ago on policing and justice. The shallow words of a man who would have people assume he is a 'hardliner'.

But then what should we expect when his deputy party leader, Nigel Dodds, also swiftly forgot his "not in a political lifetime" quote from 2008.

To the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland, the terms policing and justice mean very little. Those of us born after 1972 have never experienced these powers been administered by Stormont and what you never have, you never miss. However, we should ask ourselves: Does the Assembly strike us as a fully-functional governing machine? Like me, do others view it as a farce, comical if it wasn't so tragic.

The Ulster Unionists made it clear that they don't feel the Executive is ready for policing and justice powers. I agree. If it can't handle educational provision, how can it be trusted with justice?

The answer is it can't - and it will be the UUP who will gain support as people realise they are correct about the Stormont circus.


Florencecourt, Co Fermanagh


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