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UUP's pledge on education rings hollow

Here we go again. An Ulster Unionist leader promising to take the Education portfolio, if available, in the next Executive.

A few years ago, with the words of his election manifesto ringing in his ears, Reg Empey, having first choice, 'approached the table' on which all the ministerial portfolios were displayed and chose Enterprise, Trade and Development. The words of his Election manifesto were: 'We will put Education, at all levels, as our number one priority.'

Mr Elliott, you can only sell a bad deal once - and the UUP's once has come and gone.

It was your party, under Trimble and Empey, who allowed Sinn Fein/IRA to have the important portfolio of Education in the first place - with the consequent repercussions.

McGuinness and Ruane, between them, couldn't run a bath - never mind our state schools.


Assembly candidate for Belfast


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