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UVF must stop exploiting our young people

The PSNI has identified the UVF as being the instigators and organisers of two nights of rioting this week. Why any loyalist should want to engage in mindless violence is probably beyond the understanding of any sane person anywhere.

However, we do need to get inside the heads of those responsible, so we are better informed, and we must ensure that young loyalists understand the probable consequences of their actions if they are to avoid the pain and misery of past generations.

It was loyalist violence directed at nationalist communities in 1969 that led to 30 years of death and destruction. Back then, just as now, there was no functioning IRA. Attacks on nationalists led to the founding of the Provisional IRA and we all know the history of the following 30 years.

Is this what the UVF wants? If it is, we need to know why and what's in it for them and then let the whole population know, but particularly the young who are being cynically used as footsoldiers for the older generation.


Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

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