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Varadkar and Coveney playing perilous game


It is of concern that the recent cementing of friendship between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland has been so spectacularly shattered by the recent belligerence of Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar and his foreign minister Simon Coveney.

In seeking to have a role in the internal affairs of Northern Ireland (thereby driving a coach and horses through recent agreements between our two nations), they are in danger of setting back UK/Irish relations to the level of the 1950s.

At a time when the UK is implementing a momentous democratic decision by its people, these rogue elements within the Irish government seem determined to muddy the waters and put our decision to leave the EU at risk of being blocked.

We in the UK must not tolerate this interference. We must directly appeal to the citizens of Ireland whether they want to end up as an isolated colony of the EU, cut off from their main trading partner and one-time friend, or do they want to play their full, co-operative role in the future of these islands.

We must advocate to the population of our lost 26 counties that their future prosperity lies once more within the UK.

Alan Love

Lisburn, Co Antrim

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