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Varadkar protects British rule in NI

Sammy Wilson stated (News, December 9): "If you look at this from a unionist point of view, we have a greater investment ensuring that the nationalist people in Northern Ireland feel comfortable with the border arrangements than anyone else has.

 The more comfortable nationalists are with the existing arrangements in Northern Ireland, the better that is for the Union."

Irish people in Northern Ireland will never be comfortable under British sovereignty.

Sammy and his fellow unionists would never be comfortable under Irish sovereignty, which is why there is a border and why a united Ireland "would never ever get our consent".

Sammy referred to the use of administrative, or regulatory, mechanisms to "drive a wedge" between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

But he is blind to the fact that Britain erected a border between Irish people (so-called nationalists) in Northern Ireland and their fellow Irish in the rest of Ireland. How would unionists react if a border was erected between them and their fellow British?

According to a report in the same edition, Leo Varadkar described a joint commitment to the retention of a free-flowing Irish border post-Brexit by the UK and the EU as "rock solid and cast iron".

He told nationalists (sic) in Northern Ireland that the Irish (sic) government had ensured their rights had been protected: "There will be no hard border on our island. You will never again be left behind by an Irish government."

The only border we have has endured for almost 100 years. During this time, Irish people in Northern Ireland have been denied their right to national freedom as a consequence of British sovereignty.

Leo is basically saying that British sovereignty over Irish people is "rock solid and cast iron".



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