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Vast majority of religions live up to ideals

Declan Doyle goes back to the 9th Century to dig up stuff that casts a bad light on the Catholic Church.

He does not have to go back that far. There is plenty of contemporary damaging revelations to be going on with.

The fact that I think that there is no reason why there should not be women priests and am appalled by the cover-up of child abuse by those in power within the church does not mean that I think we should throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The ethic of love of God and love of neighbour, which underlies the laws, political institutions and social norms by which we live are the basis of Christian, Islamic and Jewish religions.

The fact that people at the highest level within these religions do not always live up to these ideals does not render them invalid. The fact is that the vast majority do. As we see in the day-to-day work of the religious of all denominations, some heroic.

That does not mean that, as pointed out by Mr Doyle, human beings at the head of all institutions, including churches, are not corrupted by power.

A Leavy, Dublin

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