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Vatican is wrong to silence Pope's butler

I had never heard of Paolo Gabriele until he became headline news, when I learned that he was the Pope's butler/valet.

It appears he committed the utmost unforgivable sin, by wanting to expose what he considered 'wrongdoings' within the Vatican, which would endanger the ethos of Roman Catholicism.

What did this man find? Why did he get a jail sentence? Why were his findings not published? After all, there are tens of millions of believers in Roman Catholicism. Are they not entitled to know what is going on at the Vatican?

Paolo's defence was that he considered he was doing a Christian act. That being the case, surely it would have been in its own best interests to strengthen the global faith of Roman Catholicism?

This is particularly relevant at this moment in time, when paedophilia by priests is widespread.

I also learn that the Pope himself may express his Christian side by showing the hand of forgiveness to Paolo.

I have to ask: is this an act to entice followers of his faith?

Would it not have been better to be open and let the people be the judge of whether Paolo was right or wrong? What 'religion' was Jesus? Yes, he preached Christianity. But in the world today, Christianity and religion have two different identities; Christianity being practised daily by decent people and religion being the dividing controller of such decent people.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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