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Vibrant Lisburn is anything but drab for visitors

In response to John Thomas (Write Back, January 27), I utterly reject his view that Lisburn is the drabbest town in Northern Ireland.

Lisburn remains, in spite of challenging times, one of Northern Ireland's most vibrant cities. Whereas other cities have fallen into decline, Lisburn continues to grow and attract new developments.

Mr Thomas contends that Lisburn has no notable historic buildings. This is a startlingly ignorant claim for a man who lives so close to Lisburn.

Visitors to Lisburn would be advised to see for themselves the wealth of Lisburn's architectural history by visiting our Market House - thought to date from the early 18th century.

Another building of note is Lisburn's Cathedral, which has been the site of continuous worship since 1623 and has served as a cathedral since 1662.

Visitors may also enjoy our newly-redeveloped castle and gardens, which house the Wallace memorial and offer spectacular views over the city.

Mr Thomas also suggests that Lisburn is home merely to charity shops. I will happily admit that Lisburn contains several charity shops, however it is also home to several major retail developments, including Lisburn Square, Bow Street Mall and Sprucefield retail park.

Combined, these developments take millions of pounds a week in sales and represent one of the largest centres of retail on the island of Ireland

As Lisburn already has one packed hotel, I believe there is room for another. Visitors to these hotels can be guaranteed pleasant surroundings in one of Northern Ireland's fastest-growing cities.


Moira, Co Down


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