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Victims need compassion, not the abuser

I WAS horrified to read that Robert McCartney QC feels Lynn Sheridan's conviction for cruelty and abuse of the elderly in her care is 'totally irrelevant' (Write Back, June 13).

For Sheridan to be involved in any capacity with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is an insult to those who suffered at her hands.

We are talking about the most vulnerable in our society and I would be very concerned as to the vetting procedure used by the company Peninsula in employing someone with these convictions - never mind as an adviser to the commission.

Mr McCartney also questions the 'justice and validity' of the UK Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visitors' findings.

In Sheridan's case, this was the longest-running tribunal in UK history. As a registered nurse, I can assure Mr McCartney that such tribunals are extremely thorough in their investigations and outcomes.

Mr McCartney also talks about a violation of Sheridan's human rights. I would ask Mr McCartney: where were the human rights of those whom she was found guilty of abusing? My compassion lies with the victims - not with the perpetrator of their abuse.