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Victims need to fight for compensation

I read with interest the letter from H Gibson (Write Back, July 5). In this letter, H Gibson states that all victims of the Troubles deserve compensation.

She or he also points to alleged collusion to back up the claim that Theresa May ought to "get her chequebook out".

I feel H Gibson, shocked as he or she may have been at reading the news, ought to have done a little research before writing.

It is more than a little brazen to read an article that comes, possibly, at the end of the victims' decade-long fight and declare that everyone ought to get compensation and that Theresa May ought to compensate the victims of loyalist terrorists.

To begin with, there is actual evidence that Libya supplied guns and explosives to PIRA. Chief among the evidence is Gaddafi's own admission on tape. This is why, over 10 years ago, the UK and US victims initiated legal proceedings against Libya. The US victims were paid compensation and, allegedly thanks to meddling by Tony Blair, the UK victims received nothing. By paying the US victims, Libya again admitted its guilt.

H Gibson mentions Israel and South Africa. If evidence exists these countries supplied arms and explosives to loyalists, then take a legal case.

H Gibson also suggests Theresa May was 'DUPed' by the DUP. Hardly. Gordon Brown and David Cameron both pledged to help the victims of Libyan-supplied Semtex. Indeed, Cameron, before he was PM, stated that a deal was "essential". When he became PM, he suddenly had a whole different outlook on the issue.

The DUP are simply using their leverage to ensure that Theresa May does what successive British Prime Ministers pledged to do - help the victims.

So, to H Gibson I say, if you feel you and other victims of terrorism deserve compensation, be prepared to do the legwork and fight for it. You can't carp on about equality if you're not prepared to fight for over a decade, as the Libyan-supplied Semtex victims have.


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