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Victims of rape should have right to abortion

The public consultation on proposed changes to abortion law is too narrowly defined to raise any serious opinion. That we have to seek proposals on allowing termination where the foetus has lethal abnormality or where the pregnancy is as a result of rape should be unnecessary in a caring society. It should be extended to include incest and development abnormalities.

The compassion of human beings is often hobbled by preposterous ideas about sin and suffering.

If you are worried about human suffering, abortion should be very low on your list of concerns. While abortion is an ugly reality, one can reasonably wonder whether aborted foetuses suffer their destruction on any level.

A recent study estimates that 50% of all human conceptions end in spontaneous abortion, usually without a woman even realising she was pregnant. In fact, 20% of all recognised pregnancies end in miscarriage. Any woman who has been the victim of rape or incest or has a foetus with a diagnosed abnormality should have the right to a legal abortion. No doctor with anti-abortion beliefs should be forced to be involved in the procedure.

No woman should be forced to travel to a more enlightened part of the UK to gain a human right.

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