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Victory in Iraq...again

So the last brigade of American troops has left Iraq and combat operations in that country are over. At least that is what the increasingly unpopular and desperate American President Barack Obama would like us to believe.

However, one inconvenient fact has been left out of the narrative. There are still 50,000 US troops stationed in Iraq. They have simply been branded as "transitional" instead of combat troops. The narrative is also missing the fact that there are still a significant number of mercenaries operating in Iraq, who will continue to function as US proxies under the auspices of the US State Department even if the 50,000 transitional troops ever do leave Iraq.

This is the second phoney end to the Iraq war that America has announced. The first was in 2003 when George W Bush assured us, after three weeks, that major combat operations in Iraq were over. We all know how that one went. This one is just as fraudulent.

It is just the latest in a long list of lies about Iraq from 45-minute WMD to direct involvement in 9/11 to ties to al-Qa'ida – all the time forgetting that Saddam Hussein was a creation of the CIA and the best Arab friend the US/UK had right up until 1990.

Alan Hinnrichs, Dundee

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