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View of salvation is rhetoric that lacks evidence

Alf McCreary (Saturday View, February 6), in his broadside against the Christian view of salvation (as opposed to Fr D'Arcy), sadly resorts to nothing more than rhetoric. Nowhere does he offer proof.

Firstly, it is not his prerogative to decide who gets to Heaven, but God's. To label that exclusive, strict, or unmerciful, misses the material point: Mr McCreary has given us his opinion, but with no evidence to support it.

Secondly, if Christ says it's a "narrow way and few there be that find it", perhaps Mr McCreary could explain how that fits with his own exclusive preferences while deriding Christian faithfulness to Scripture?

Thirdly, quoting a hymn by Faber is not an answer, merely sentimentality. Nowhere will that prove Alf McCreary's ideology and that is what it remains: Mr McCreary's view.


Free Church (Continuing)

Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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