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View of the future from a federalist

I wish to reply to Christopher Gillespie's letter headlined 'What's in a name but pointless trivialities?' (Write Back, May 3).

Take the name America. Try telling any American that the name America is a pointless triviality and one will get a flea in one's ear. The same is true of the names France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The places mentioned are countries whose names are of importance - not statelets, as Northern Ireland is, even though vain attempts are made by pseudo-Northern Irish apartheid nationalists to hyper-inflate the importance of the place by calling it a country, such as Christopher (and Arlene Foster).

A federalist, on the other hand, is a realist who calls a spade a spade and Northern Ireland a statelet - even if that makes Christopher and Northern Irish nationalists angry.

A realistic federalist doesn't see a future for Northern Ireland, and the dysfunctional track record of the Assembly underscores that. A federalist rejects apartheid nationalism of any ilk, be it Irish, Northern Irish or British. A federalist sees a new future for Ireland together as a whole in the federal kingdom of Ireland.

In a federal kingdom of Ireland, with a reformed Crown as Head of State, the six counties by any other Irish name (or Ulster form) will smell as sweet to the people of Ulster and Ireland.



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