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Viewpoint: A dubious victory for democracy

WHAT makes me laugh is that all the nationalist and republican MLAs voted in favour of the same-sex marriage Bill, yet the Catholic Church is the main opponent of it.

I have often been solemnly assured by many a unionist commentator that one of their main objections to the Catholic Church is how it has "utterly brainwashed" its adherents. Think about this: if brainwashing has taken place, it looks like your Churches are far more adept at it than the Catholic Church.


Aodagain: Absolutely spot on. But I don't think it's fair to say that "unionists" are brainwashed.

It's just that a particularly rabid, intolerant cabal of fundamentalist Christians have managed to get a majority into the Assembly.

They're very good at feathering the nests of people they consider their own, while keeping quiet about their more bizarre beliefs.


One_More_Thing: Although you're probably right, it does seem strange that they managed to vote more or less en bloc against something that has been accepted in places such as Argentina and South Africa. When people ask why republicans felt they had to turn to violence, they should consider the entrenched resistance to progress in the unionist community, of which this seems to be symptomatic.


I'm thrilled that the sanctity of natural marriage has been preserved in the Ulster state and Christianity has prevailed once again, in spite of the best efforts of Sinn Fein and the SDLP.

Sean Mac Curtain

Sean Mac Curtain: Good grief. Another one who has no idea of what nature does in terms of reproduction. Nature overwhelmingly reproduces by copulate and forget. Single parent families.

There is no "natural marriage". You also appear to desire a fascist state governed by unelected organisations and those who do their bidding, rather than the considered opinions formulated by the voters after logical and rational debate.


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