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Viewpoint: We must rally against threat of violence

The Press keeps on asking why MI5 didn't have these men arrested, as they were aware of them. What exactly were they going to arrest them for? We know only too well in Northern Ireland that it isn't just a matter of suspecting, or even knowing, that people are up to something, you have to prove it. If we could just arrest people, then the dissidents would be in prison; not out and about, planning to kill their next target. The threat that exists in Northern Ireland to police is greater than the one in England, but unfortunately it doesn't get the coverage it deserves.


Bakerboy17: The dissident nutters are not classed in the same category as the Islamic nutters for some insane reason. They are all running around with some major screws loose. You would have to be a complete idiot to think that killing police officers or soldiers is a good idea in this day and age.

Cult Creature

Cult Creature: Many of the "nutters" on our streets are of the imported variety – often here illegally. Why not deport them back to where they came from to lessen the threat? Oh, that's right, we can't even do that. I often wonder who is actually running the country.

TJ McClean

TJ McClean: Sorry to be boring, but usual question: do you have any evidence for those claims?

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Darwin is God

Darwin is God: I would refer you to UK prison populations and how they have changed over the last 10 years and the fact we can't get rid of extreme hate preachers.

TJ McClean

If you were suspected of terrorism in other countries, your feet wouldn't touch the ground until you had touched down at home.