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Villiers is entitled to campaign for us to exit the EU

What is all this nonsense about the Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers, having to step down on the basis that she wants the United Kingdom to leave the European Union?

Apart from troublemaking nationalists and republicans using the situation to try to score political points, such a suggestion is patently ridiculous.

Politically, the prime minister has permitted his Cabinet colleagues to argue whichever side of the debate they support without sanction. Generally, every one of us is entitled to vote as our conscience dictates. We have absolutely no idea which way the referendum will go and we most certainly have no way of knowing the effect staying in, or leaving, the union will have on the United Kingdom.

Why, therefore, are some people being asked to take certain courses of action on the basis of anticipated outcomes which may never happen? It is simply illogical and mischief-making.


NI Conservative candidate for Lagan Valley

Bangor, Co Down

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