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'Virtual priest' is nonsense, let us meet our maker

I WAS dumfounded to see that my sins could be forgiven through an iPhone app (News, February 10).

I always advocated that I should be able to go straight to God and when I ask forgiveness, I would be forgiven. But no, we must confess our sins to a priest.

Now we can confess our sins to a 'virtual priest' - a cartoon priest sitting there in his confessional space. So I confess my sins, pressing one for adultery, two murder, three drunkenness, four gluttony and so forth.

I'll miss the priest from years ago when, if you mentioned sexual thoughts, they would reply: "how many times did you think of that?" and "did you entertain those thoughts?"

Why not wipe out this internet nonsense and let the Vatican give us all the permission to speak directly to our maker?

Christ came to save sinners and to give us peace - not condemnation.

He made us in his image so he loved us very much, but, unfortunately, the Church, Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests have a lot to answer for.


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