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Vital that MPs back their Labour leader

In the game of rugby, when a player with the ball is tackled by the opposition, his team-mates get behind him and try to drive him forward to gain ground.

Imagine a new captain coming into the team and half of his players, including some of the strongest ones, say they don't want him.

When the captain has the ball, they stand with their arms folded, looking on. After the game, they comment on how poor the captain's performance is and how badly the team is doing.

That, to a large degree, is what has happened to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

John Woodcock MP has said he "will not countenance ever voting to make Jeremy Corbyn Britain's Prime Minister".

I hope that at least some of the party heavyweights will get behind him at this critical time, now that attempts to force him to resign before the election have clearly failed.


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