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Voice of support for Quinn needs to be heard

I HAVE watched in disbelief as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation have attacked Sean Quinn.

During the last three decades, I have established a friendship with Sean Quinn and have found him to be hardworking, earnest and supportive, with an unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit.

Our company has worked with Quinn Group for more than 25 years, doing up to £3m-worth of business annually, making payments in pounds sterling to their head office at Derrylin in Co Fermanagh.

Before Quinn, the local market was dictated by multi-national operations. The emergence of Quinn Group afforded stability to the construction market and I believe we owe Sean Quinn a debt of gratitude for bringing realism to a monopolised market.

Quinn Group generated crucial employment and made an enormous contribution to our economy. Where are the ministerial voices that could - and should - be defending Mr Quinn in his hour of need? How short the memory of those who watched our economy benefit from the rise of Quinn Group.

I am not alone in my indignation at the treatment of Sean Quinn, executed by IBRC, unchallenged and undefended by the Government.

Surely it is time that the voice of rationality was heard and ordinary, hard-working people took a stand for justice, fairness and the restoration of Sean Quinn as head of Quinn Group.


MD, Norman Emerson Group

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