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Voluntary act of goodwill on flag would be winner

RE the flag issue - and with the current cross-party talks in mind - loyalists insist they want to live like British citizens in Great Britain. Fine.

The Union flag should fly on public buildings on all designated days, but as a voluntary act of goodwill, unionists should introduce an option to fly both the Tricolour and the Union flag on nationalist/republican designated days.

Tricolours have flown in England recently to honour the Irish President on his visit and I saw them being waved during a Hyde Park concert. I dare say no one feels less British because of it.

Northern Ireland's position within the Union is secure. This proposal could be seen as bridge-building and an act of generosity if it was offered in the first place and not eventually wrung out of a resistant unionist population. The paradox has evidently not dawned that the more they are seen to give on these kinds of issues, the more moderate nationalists will want to stay within the UK.


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