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Vote with your feet and go to smaller banks

Many people in Northern Ireland are still angry at the banks following the financial crisis and frustrated that nothing seems to have changed.

Despite being bailed out by the general public, banks still aren't offering a good deal to their customers. But what can we, the public, do about it?

First of all, we can vote with our feet. The same high-street names who have received most of the government money also have the biggest share of the current account market, yet they are consistently out-performed by smaller providers in our satisfaction surveys.

Vote with your feet by moving banks and send them the clear message that enough is enough.

What's more, get involved in the Which? Big Banking Debate (, which is looking at how to put consumers and the wider interests of society at the heart of banking reforms. By making your comments about the future of banking heard, there's no reason why this vision can't become a reality.


Chief executive, Which?


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