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Voters deserve better unionism than the DUP

I am writing regarding the letter in the Belfast Telegraph from 'Unionist, Belfast' (Write Back, April 30).

The writer is obviously a DUP supporter, and therefore has a vested interest in trying to deflect the public's attention away from the stream of revelations of sleaze, excessive Parliamentary expenses, dubious land deals, and links to property developers, all of which have combined to further damage the integrity of the DUP. Just for the record, I have worked on the ground in South Belfast for 19 years, and during my campaign canvassing I have re-connected with many people from different backgrounds - unlike others, I have a track-record of delivering across the constituency.

What 'Unionist' and the DUP spectacularly fail to see is that there is a whole swathe of pro-Union voters who want to vote for a candidate, but cannot bring themselves to vote DUP.

Unionism - particularly in the 21st century - is too big a concept to be defined by the DUP. My concept of unionism is one of diversity, respect, and inclusivity.

I am standing in this election with the support of both the Ulster Unionist and Conservative parties and, of course, the TUV leader Jim Allister has urged his party's supporters to vote for us in seats where the TUV is not running. I am offering a voice and a choice to the voters of South Belfast who want to vote for changed politics and a changed society.

I believe the people deserve a better type of unionism than that on offer from the DUP.


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Conservatives and Unionists candidate, South Belfast