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Voters have right to know political donors

I understand a Tory-backed, right-wing think-tank, the Constitutional Research Council, gave the DUP £425,000 to spend on an ad campaign supporting Brexit during the EU referendum. This contrasts with less than £19,000 spent by Stormont parties backing Remain.

Now that we are rapidly approaching yet another election on June 8, surely we, the electorate, have the right to know both who funds political parties in Northern Ireland and how much these donors are providing? After all, this is usual in the rest of the UK, but not here.

This seems grossly undemocratic. I suggest that we should all boycott the General Election until the Secretary of State and Electoral Commission compels all parties to reveal political donations in full.

Furthermore, since the majority in Northern Ireland did not vote Leave, we should not have to be steamrollered into a costly Brexit, which will cause undue harm to the local economy.

The electorate in Northern Ireland can no longer be treated like mushrooms. We have a right to know about political donations since the rest of the UK electorate are already informed.


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