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Voters should remember all the benefits of EU

ON May 9 we celebrated Europe Day, a day which 64 years ago marked the foundation of what is now the European Union. Not many people noticed.

Unfortunately, they also didn't notice the safeguards they enjoy at work – which are down to the efforts of the European Union – nor the holiday and rest entitlements they get from being members of the group.

Those in hospital may not notice the care they are getting from professionals able to work in the UK because of free movement of individuals across the 28-nation organisation, nor appreciate how millions of Britons are able to settle in other parts of Europe and enjoy all the health and social security benefits of other citizens in those countries because of this rule.

They possibly won't see the benefits for the environment that come from our membership of the EU, nor the wealth that has accrued in our country because of our membership of the world's largest trading bloc.

Just over half-a-century ago our continent was torn by strife. In contrast, our continent today is a beacon of hope for those around the world in terms of promoting peace and protecting human rights.

I would urge all your readers to recognise the positive benefits membership of the EU has delivered and to remember these benefits when they cast their vote in the European elections on Thursday.


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