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Voting for Gallagher won't help Ireland's plight

Support for Sean Gallagher in the Irish presidential contest reveals a desperation that is compelling people to listen to the same old arguments of people who were central to the economic crisis in the first place.

The Dragon's Den solution to Ireland's woes has been found wanting.

The sheer self-interest inherent in it was what motivated the bankers, the property developers and many other businessmen to lose sight of reality.

Of course, the entrepreneur has never really had much of a grip on reality, which he shows us when he says he is 'self-made' after often receiving large grants and employing others to work for him.

It may seem a moot point, but an entrepreneur Irish president would actually be asking for support from people he would never share his profits with, which isn't much of a basis for communion.

There is an alternative to being dependent on a small number of usually wealthy people in high places and that is to address the issue of employee status by making these people self-employed, too, not serving the notional interests of an enterprise.

Entrepreneurs tend to see others as an opportunity rather than equals.

Putting faith in them yet again is just learned stupidity.

True prosperity will only arise when every person in the country feels empowered - not pushed into a corner by people who are only using them, while often intricately involved in the funding of political parties. Maybe it's time Ireland took the initiative.




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