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Voting to leave the EU was only the beginning. It's now up to all of us to ensure it actually happens

Letter of the day: referendum debate

It's been months now since people voted to leave the EU. It was nothing less than a declaration of independence.

Yet, for all the talk at Westminster, all the ministers appointed and all the ringing declarations that Brexit means Brexit, nothing has happened.

We now have to make it happen, and then we can seize the opportunities opening up and make a success of independence. To do that, we have to recreate the energy, spirit and drive of the Leave campaign.

Every day's delay in handing in formal notice to the EU is another day of subservience to Brussels.

We will never be free of the dead hand of the EU until we scrap free movement of labour across national boundaries. We must control our borders, and a responsible government would now ensure that we have the resources to do that.

We should be training and finding jobs for our young people and unemployed workers, not stripping other countries of their workforces and lowering wages across industries.

If the EU won't let the United Kingdom trade with it, then that will be the EU's funeral. The EU exports far more to the UK than we do to it.

But we cannot live with a market that insists on the free movement of labour and bans support for our vital industries. Nor can we live with a market that insists on billions of pounds of contributions as the price of admission.

The discussion is currently trapped in Westminster, but it must come back where it belongs - the workplaces, streets and communities.

Those who took part in the campaign to leave the EU must come together once again, joined by those with a genuine respect for the result and a will to move forwards.

The referendum decision was clear, now let's win the fight to implement it. Demand action, not words. Send the message to politicians: get on, get out.


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