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Voting to leave the European Union is a vote for a future in which the UK can govern its own destiny

IN a few days' time we will be voting in the referendum. This will be the biggest decision that the people of the United Kingdom will take for generations to come and will have a profound effect on the people of Northern Ireland.

I believe that all the negative campaigning from the Remain camp will be counter-productive and that they have lost the argument, because there is nothing positive to say about the European Union.

Past prime ministers, who, while in office, allowed the economy to stagnate, collapse and wasted billions of our gold reserves propping up the euro, are the last people to listen to about the EU and financial advice.

The Chancellor's intervention, saying that, if we leave, the economy will collapse and an emergency Budget will be called to raise £30bn, is scaremongering. This will not happen, nor will the many outrageous claims by the Prime Minister.

All that will happen is that we will then be in control and the negotiations will start about how and when we will withdraw from the EU on terms for our benefit and not the European Union's.

There is no advantage that can, in any way, justify the billions we give to the EU each year and that are never seen again.

The UK is the world's fifth-largest economy and the amount of trade we do in the EU is shrinking each year, while trade to the rest of the world is increasing. The EU has always looked after the EU and not what is best for the people of the UK.

We have no control over the policy-makers in the EU; that is why the farming and fishing industries are facing ruin. The yearly membership fee we give to the EU will continue to increase. And for what?

We do not need politicians telling us how to vote. Just look at the evidence and remember that, if we vote to leave, we will be voting for a new, optimistic future - a future in which we can set our own destiny and not be governed by unelected bureaucrats from the EU.


Castlederg, Co Tyrone

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