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Vuvuzelas threaten our aural health

National Charity Deafness Research UK has been campaigning throughout the summer for a ban on the vuvuzela in football grounds.

Capable of emitting sounds in excess of 130 decibels, the widespread use of these trumpets at stadiums in the UK risks a ticking tinnitus time-bomb.

We take our hats off to UEFA, who have now heeded the concerns over these plastic horns and banned them from stadiums in all competitions from the Champions League, Europa League, and the Euro 2012 qualifiers.

It just seems a shame that Europe seems more in tune with the dangers of these devices and the wishes of the public than authorities in the UK.

We now need a blanket FA and Premier League ban, so that we can consign these instruments of audible torture to history - once and for all.


CEO, Deafness Research UK


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