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War games go on no matter who's in charge

American presidents come and go, but the US commitment to war and bloodshed is as strong as it ever was.

Many people envisaged substantial change with Barack Obama, but with the killing of Osama bin Laden by special forces, one can see that the Washington war machine is as keen as ever to wipe out Middle East bogeymen if that means war after war and no matter what the cost.

The US war machine has appointed itself as judge, jury and executioner for those who they feel are a serious threat to the US, or just happen to disagree with its philosophy and way of life.

America is giving people in the Middle East no opportunity to self-determine and failing ironically to instil democracy - in spite of long-term and possibly indefinite occupation of these countries.

President Obama is now speaking like all the presidents that went before him - war, war, war.


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